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Patent technology and R & D performance

We will inform you about O & S's patented technology and R & D achievements.

R & D achievements

2017 Developed 3rd generation medium frame seat harness Four process technologies under development
Patent for wire fixing Patent registration 1 case
2016 Harness Terminal Hole Exclusive Rework Key Patent registration 1 case
DHS (Door Handle Sensor) module manufacturing line construction 4 new process technologies
2014 Study on Modularization of Premium Seat Electricity (34 Way) 1 new technology
Holder patent for harness circuit inspection Patent registration 1 case
Patent for core protective cable lifting device Patent registration 1 case
2011 Knock Sensor module manufacturing line Process Technology 6 cases
2010 Compact terminal crimp shape standardization type 1 test technology / 3 process technology
2009 Developed and mass production of 2nd generation medium-sized seat frame harness Process technology development 2 cases

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