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Products of Affiliated company

Products of OH SUNG ELECTRICS'S Affiliated company.
  • Product Description
  • Components that are assembled in automobile engine cylinders by assembling the water temperature controller and are gradually plasticized in aluminum casting products.

    In the case of plastic water temperature regulators now mass-produced, they are injected at high temperature (290 ° C) with engineering plastics (HTN), high pressure hose for extracting cooling water is assembled. There is a parting line of injection mold in high pressure hose assembly part, and It is applied to complete vehicle by processing after injection.

  • Product Description
  • The BRACKET which maintains the fuel pump in the automotive fuel tank, the high pressure hose fuel PIPE which is a fuel flow path, the electrical wiring for the pump operation,
    Rubber packing to prevent fuel leakage, fuel filter and CUP for stable fuel supply on sloping roads.
    The FLOAT, which displays the remaining fuel volume in the tank, is also installed on the FUEL PUMP PLATE

    It is installed in the car's fuel tank and supplies fuel to engine to ensure a smooth start.
    Also it is technology-intensive (reducing the failure rate) and small business item that is being replaced by PLASTIC component from STEEL parts.

  • Product Description
  • Connection between Power supply that BMS of EV/HEV's battery management system and battery module of battery pack and CAN (Controller Area Network)